John Stermer Giclee

First Ever Paintings Released As Giclee Reproductions

Announcing New Giclees.

Greetings!  For the first time ever, the John Stermer Estate will release four images as giclee prints during the upcoming retrospective exhibition, October 2017 at The Gallery ABQ.

John Stermer Giclee Images

The Giclees.

This first edition features four images:

  • Gladiola, giclee $325
  • Sandia Peak Juniper, giclee $325
  • Sioux Eagle, giclee $400
  • Bulldogger, giclee $425

Two prints of each image are available at Retrospective.

Carr Imaging of Albuquerque NM scanned the paintings and created the giclees.

John Stermer Giclee

The Details.

Each giclee is gallery-wrapped canvas and ready to hang.  The canvas is 19mil cotton-polyester blend and has had two coats of varnish with UV protection.

Please note, the prices listed are current as of the show and the near future.  All prices are subject to change.  Thank you.

John Stermer Giclees

Why These Four Paintings.

It was a difficult decision trying to decide which paintings of artist John Stermer to reproduce as giclees; the family likes them all!  And, that was the determining factor, the four paintings are among the family favorites and much sought after.

Reminder: About The Retrospective.

I am including the post card announcement for the retrospective below just as a reminder.   Please see the previous posting for more details!

John Stermer Retrospective The Gallery ABQ

Thank you!

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