Authentication: John Stermer Paintings

Authenticating John Stermer Paintings


I would like to highlight one of the services we enjoy doing: authenticating a John Stermer painting.


To explain, from time to time a John Stermer painting passes to a new collector. This could be the result of sales through auctions, estates or person to person, for example.  Other times, people inherit a John Stermer painting through relatives .

In any case, the new collector may want to know more about the painting, the artist and to make sure it is a John Stermer original.

Authentication Example: Fire Hydrant
Example of a painting we authenticated. Photo sent by the collector.

How To Request Authentication.

The John Stermer Estate is happy to authenticate a painting for collectors.  The best way to request an authentication is to simply email us through our contact page.

Naturally, we will eventually need to see a photo of the painting owned by the collector.  So, after initial contact, we will ask to see an image of the painting.  The photo can be one taken by the camera of a smart phone or similar digital camera.

If the collector can take a photo of the signature and any inscribed information on the back of the painting, that will help in authentication.

Then, the file is sent to us.

The Other John Stermer, Artist.

There is at least one other John Stermer artist out there.  He was generally active on the east coast of the United States.  His main theme was cargo ships.  But, to verify which John Stermer is the artist, it helps to see the signature.  For the most part, the styles of the artist were so different that the authentication is straightforward.

What We Do.

Most of our John Stermer Artist paintings are easy for family members to identify.  Because the estate and family members have a robust inventory of his paintings, from early days up through his final days, we can identify the style.

The other thing that makes authentication possible is that John Stermer’s signature was set by the mid to late 1940s.  He kept the same basic signature throughout his career.

John Stermer Authentication: Signature

The Joy Of Authentication.

What gives us great joy is to see a painting that we haven’t seen for awhile.  Its like seeing a member of the family after a long absence.  For many of the paintings, we can give the collector an idea about time and place.  Such information adds “life” and meaning to the artwork.

Just as important, it is wonderful communicating with collectors and people who enjoy John Stermer paintings.

If and only if the collector wishes, their name can be added to our mailing list.  This allows us to keep the collector informed of exhibitions and events involving John Stermer.

Do Contact Us!

So, if you have a painting that you think might be a John Stermer painting, by all means, do contact us!  We would love to hear from you.

Actually, contact us anytime if you’re curious or interested in John Stermer art!

I would also like to suggest that many artists or their estates may feel the same as we do: we like hearing from collectors!


4 thoughts on “Authenticating John Stermer Paintings”

  1. I was trying to email you on the website but every time I did the “capcha” thing, it wouldn’t send. So you either got my email five times or zero times. I can’t go through trying to type the full message on my phone again, but I have purchased a Stermer!

    1. Hi Mike, thank you for contacting us. And, I’m sorry there was a problem with “captcha”. Our webmaster is looking into the problem. We would love to learn more about the John Stermer that you purchased. For example, how did you hear about us? Which painting and where? Since we seem to have communications difficulties, you may share that information here or send it to the following email address: “info at johnstermer dot com”. Or, you may contact us through our Facebook page:

      Again, thank you!

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