Goats: Detail of painting by artist John Stermer

Goats: Father & Daughter Drawings & Paintings

Hi! This is daughter Peggy (Margaret Stermer-Cox) writing.  

Recently, my youngest sister Dorothy sent me some images of artwork by my Dad, artist John Stermer.  And, the drawings and painting included goats.  

Goats: Detail of Barn with Goats

So, on the John Stermer Fine Art Facebook page, I shared some of the goats.  They are so much fun to look at.  

Study of goats by John Stermer

Upon seeing the painting and drawing, one of my friends thought it would be fun to see what I might do with goats.

Lo and behold, I do have a “goat” painting and some drawings of goats.  

Naturally, it occurred to me that I ought to do a “father and daughter” post and include some goats.

Billy Goat by M. Stermer-Cox

And, so, here we are: goats my Dad; and a goat by me.  Why goats?  They have great shapes and character.  Plus, they have attitude!

Drawing of Billy Goat by M. Stermer-Cox

PS.  There is a similar posting on my own blog.

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