Watkins Glen NY & A Conversation Long Ago


I would like to share with you a detail portion of an early John Stermer oil painting of Watkins Glen, NY.  

John Stermer: Watkins Glen NY

Watkins Glen is not too far from where John grew up in Elmira, NY and I think it was a favorite place for him.  Not surprising, then, that Dad took us (his family) there a couple of times when we were in the area visiting.

As I was looking at this painting, I remembered a conversation I had with Dad when I was in high school.  You see, I used to enjoy drawing waterfalls from my imagination.  And, the conversation we had centered on the idea that there is so much to learn about waterfalls.  

That is to say, to draw and paint a waterfall, it helps if one can study it.   There are things to consider like how the water moves; how light plays on the surface; how the surrounding environment influences the flow, just to name a few.  And, regardless if one draws or paints from life or imagination, such knowledge can be helpful.

And, then there is how the waterfall makes you feel.  

Funny, I was just reminded of the conversation long ago.  Now I see the wisdom of his words and the gift of his insight.

I hope you enjoy “Watkins Glen”.  

Thanks to John Robyler, John Stermer’s nephew, for sharing the photo with us.  


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