Happy Holidays!


On behalf of the John Stermer Family and Estate, we would like to send you all our warmest wishes!  We hope that you have a happy holiday, complete with the type of festivities that bring you happiness.

Happy Holidays from John Stermer Estate

My Dad, the artist John Stermer, used to love to draw and paint out at Ft. Bayard, NM.  One of his favorite subjects was the Kneeling Nun Mountain as seen from the Ft. Bayard golf course.  He also loved the piñon pines and junipers.  So, I think it fitting to use one of his scratchboard and ink drawings of his favorite subjects as a holiday greeting.

By the way, it is a dirt golf course complete with sand greens.  My Dad took me out there for my first golf game outing ever.  I was suitably terrible.  But, it was a happy and memorable occasion.

Best wishes to you and you family from our family!

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