Abstract Painting In Primaries; It’s Personal


This is John Stermer daughter Peggy and I would like to share with you an unusual John Stermer painting.  He rarely did non-representational abstract paintings.  But, there are a few and this is one.

John Stermer Non-Representational Abstract Painting

I remember when Dad was working on this painting, though I don’t recall his intentions.  Instead, I remember discussions about Japanese art; Piet Mondrian‘s paintings; Minimalism; Abstraction; and jazz music.  We also talked about color, such as primary colors red, yellow and blue.  Mentioning these subjects makes me think that they might have influenced his artistic vision.

In any case, the meaning of non-representational abstract art is often personal.  That is to say, it is personal to the artist and to each of us who sees it.

So, does it speak to you?  What do you see? And, even better, what does it make you feel?

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