Rockport House, Detail; Oil Painting by John Stermer

“Rockport House”, Oil Painting On Linen

Greetings!  I’d like to share with you one of John Stermer’s nautical themed paintings.  Titled Rockport House (Inv # S-18), it is a small painting done in oil and on linen.  

Even though it is small, it has a presence.  Perhaps that is because of the thick impasto application of the paint.  Also, Rockport House has strong value (light-v-dark) contrast and line work.

Rockport House, John Stermer

The painting refers to Rockport, Maine.  Though I am not sure when this work was painted, Dad did take the occasional trip to Maine, especially in his younger days as an art student.  I remember him taking a trip back to the east coast of the United States and going up to Maine.  This was perhaps in the late 70s.  He went to visit a friend and patron.

In any case, I hope you enjoy Rockport House. 

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