Family Portraits: Detail of a Self Portrait by the Artist; 1970

Family Portraits: A Sampling By Artist John Stermer

Hi!  I’d like to share with you a sampling of John Stermer portraits.   And, in particular, we will feature drawings and paintings of family members.

Family Portrait: Lucienne


This is an early painting my Dad, artist John Stermer, did of my Mom.  What I particularly like is the muted colors; it sets a mood of serenity.

Portraits As Specialty?

I have a memory of my Dad, once telling me that there was a time when he considered specializing in painting portraits.  I gather that he found inspiration in so many other subjects that he did not specialize.

Family Portrait Project. 

That being said, from time to time, Dad would work on portraits.  One particular time, for example, he took on the project of drawing and painting  his family members.  I remember being excited to finally my turn.  It wasn’t easy being the model, apparently.  Dad had to remind me about my pose from time to time.  Still, it is a drawing that I treasure.

This is the drawing he did and he used everyday crayons!  I was so impressed.

Family Portraits: Peggy

Over the years, he would do several portraits of my siblings and me.  And, for a time, as our family expanded, included in-laws and grandchildren.  That is, until we all started moving away from the family home town.

Portraits:  Special and Personal.

Now, as time passes by, I realize how special it was for all of us to have our portraits done.  The drawings and paintings capture who we were at a moment of time.  More important, they capture our relationship with our Dad. 

Family Portrait: Dorothy

I particularly love this portrait of our youngest sibling, Dorothy.  When she was young, she always had a red purse.  

You can see more portraits and figurative work posted to our online gallery.  Thank you!

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