Nets Drawing - Maine, Preparatory Drawing

Preparatory Drawing And Painting: “Nets Drying – Maine”


I’d like to share with you two pieces of art by John Stermer: a preparatory drawing and the subsequent painting titled “Nets Drying – Maine” (oil, 1980).  He found his subject during one of his trips to Maine.

Preparatory drawing: Nets Drying - Maine

Truth time; I really wanted to post both of these pieces at the same time.  To explain, both the drawing and the painting are owned by the same collector.  And the drawing is the source document for the painting.

Personally, I think it is fascinating to see a preparatory drawing alongside a finished painting.  And, to have both pieces in your collection is exciting.  It gives you deeper insight into the artist’s work.

Yes, there is a difference between the drawing and the painting.  But, that is the wonderful part about drawings done on location.  Later, you can edit the drawing to distill your ideas.   That is to say, you can pick and chose what you would like to include in your composition.

Preparatory Drawing and Painting: Nets Drying - Maine

Mostly, I hope you enjoy the two “Nets Drying – Maine”.  Thank you!


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