After Rembrandt van Rijn: Detail, Christ And The Lepers

“Christ And The Leper”, After Rembrandt Van Rijn

“For all his artistic skills, what’s most important about Rembrandt is his deep compassion.” (Irwin Greenberg)


Hello!   I would like to share with you a painting by the artist John Stermer (Dad) that seems particularly appropriate for Easter weekend.

Studies After The Masters.

From time to time, Dad would do studies and paintings after the great Masters.  In particular, El Greco and Rembrandt Van Rijn come to mind.  And, today’s painting is one done after Rembrandt’s drawing Christ Healing A Leper.

Picasso Studied Velázquez.

As you may already know, it is a common practice among artists to study artworks of the Masters.   For example, Pablo Picasso did some 45 plus paintings and studies inspired by Diego Velázquez’ painting “Las Meninas”.

After Rembrandt van Rijn: Christ And The Leper

Why Study Masters?

I used to wonder why artists would go to such lengths to do studies of the Masters.  Wasn’t it better to do one’s own work?  Little did I know how much once can learn from a study of the Master artists.

Rembrandt In Particular.

For example, with Rembrandt’s drawing Christ Heals The Leper, one might be interested in learning how Rembrandt used line.  Or, maybe, how he arranged multiple figures in a composition.  What about how his lines show expression?  Oddly enough, it is through studying by copying the drawings that we can get some insight into such matters.

John Stermer’s Painting.

Back to the John Stermer composition after Rembrandt.  You may notice that the figure composition is similar.  However, Dad used the composition as a “jumping off” point.  That is, he took the figures then added to the design, expressing his own ideas.

Family Bible Illustrated With Rembrandt Paintings.

As an aside, our family bible was an edition that was illustrated using Rembrandt’s paintings.  I do remember spending time looking at the paintings.  And,   it was the book that daughter Michelle was reading in the painting for our previous posting: Suzanne, Michelle and the Figure/Ground Relationship.

Happy Easter.

Which brings me back to the beginning.  I think it is appropriate to share this cherished painting with you on Easter weekend.  It speaks to me of compassion, hope and generosity.

I hope that you have a wonderful day and enjoy Christ And The Leper.



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