Preparatory Drawing & Painting: "Vagrant", painting done in oil

Early Preparatory Drawing And Painting

In this posting, I would like to show you a John Stermer painting along with its preparatory drawing.  The drawing and painting are titled “Vagrant” and were done 1946.  At this time, Dad was in the early days of his studies at The Arts Students League in NYC.

Grandson Michael Visits The Arts Students League


I had seen a photograph of the drawing before from Dad’s artwork  archives.  However, it was not until this past March that I finally saw the painting in person.  

To explain, on a recent trip to visit my Mother, (the artist’s wife, Luci), one of my sister’s and I looked through some of the Dad’s art inventory.  Lo and behold, I saw the painting and was thrilled!  I instantly recognized the face of “The Vagrant” to my delight. 

John Stermer Painting, "Vagrant" Oil






You see, I think that it is both insightful and fun to see a painting and drawing together.  It is like getting a small glimpse onto the artist’s process.  That is, you get to see the artist’s vision and hand at work.  

Sometimes, for instance, the preparatory drawing and painting are quite similar in appearance.  Other times, though, you might see a fair amount of editing and changes between the two.  Furthermore, the differences in media, such as charcoal and oil paint, may require a change in approach by the artist.



Preparatory Drawing: Vagrant, charcoal, by John Stermer




In today’s case, the drawing and painting are similar.    

What do you think?  Does seeing the drawing and painting together add to the meaning of both?





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