John Stermer Retrospective: Bulldogger

Retrospective Exhibition In November 2021

Retrospective Details.

Greetings!  We, at John Stermer Estate, are happy to announce a John Stermer Retrospective Exhibition coming to Western New Mexico University (WNMU) in Silver City NM this November.  This will be an “in person” exhibition.

And, we would love to have you join us; you are invited to attend!

Location.  In particular, the retrospective will be held at the WNMU Francis McCray Gallery of Contemporary Art, 1000 W College Ave, Silver City NM.  

Dates. The exhibition dates are Thursday, November 18th through Thursday, December 9th.

Reception.  The Opening is on November 18th beginning at 5:30pm MST.  The Artist’s Talk is at 6:30pm MST at the gallery.  We hope that you will join us there!

Announcement: Dates and Times for John Stermer Retrospective Lines of Force

Theme:  Lines of Force.

The theme for the exhibition is “Lines of Force”.  This relates to one of John Stermer’s core composition beliefs.  He used lines of force to create movement and to connect elements of the painting together.  We will discuss this in depth during a later posting.

Call for Artwork.

Along with the Retrospective, we are doing a call for John Stermer artwork.  That is, we are asking collectors of John Stermer paintings to please contact the John Stermer Estate.  In this way, we may update our Master Inventory of John Stermer paintings.  Plus, it would help us in our preparations for the exhibition.  We hope to include on loan locally collected artworks.

So, if you have a John Stermer painting, or know someone who does, please contact us at  

John Stermer Retrospective: Call For Artwork


The last John Stermer Retrospective at WNMU Francis McCray Gallery of Contemporary Art was twenty-six years ago in 1995.  Recently, we, the family and John Stermer Estate have been wanting to do a retrospective again.  And, so, this year circumstances were such that here we are; it’s a go!  The planning and preparations are in full swing and we can hardly wait for November.  

John Stermer Retrospective: Bulldogger

Thank you!

We have assembled a team that is helping prepare for the exhibition.  A “shout out” and our deepest thanks to the leadership at WNMU Cultural Affairs and Francis McCray Gallery of Contemporary Art.  Their support, expertise and experience is so invaluable.  

And, we have a Team Stermer Fine Art, including a curator, researcher/writer, and an inventory specialist.  We will be doing formal introductions at a later date.  But, we do want to express our deepest gratitude and thanks for their assistance.


In closing, you are invited to attend so please, mark the date on your calendar! You will see some of the John Stermer favorites and, perhaps, a few paintings you may never have seen before.

Plus, if you have a John Stermer painting (or paintings!) please contact us as

John Stermer Retrospective: Old Gray Barn



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