Animal Artwork By John Stermer: Calf from the Bulldogger Painting

Animals: A Sampling from John Stermer Artwork


I would like to share with you some of John Stermer’s animals.  That is, some of the animals that appear in John Stermer paintings.  

Animal Art of John Stermer: Dorothy and Frej

This sampling was inspired by the painting of my youngest sister, Dorothy, and our dog Frej, (see above). 

Animals: A Sampling From John Stermer Artwork: Goats

While Dad did not specialize in drawing and painting animals, he certainly seemed to enjoy them as subjects.  I have to think Dad thoroughly enjoyed drawing these goats!  For another version of goats, you might want to check out this article:  “Goats: Father & Daughter Drawings & Paintings.”

Animals: A Sampling from John Stermer Artwork: Horse from Bulldogger Painting

In looking at my collection of photos of his work, I was surprised to see that there are a lot of animals in John Stermer’s work.

To explain the “detail” label, I am only showing you a portion of the paintings in order to showcase the animal.  And, this is, by no means, a comprehensive collection of his animal work.  I invite you to look at other posts, for example, to see more.  

Animal Artwork By John Stermer: Sioux Eagle

With that, I will leave you with a portion of the “Sioux Eagle” painting (click here to see the entire painting).  For more birds, see “The John Stermer Owl Painting”. 

Thank you and I hope that you enjoy the John Stermer animals.  

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