Spiritual In Nature: Kneeling Nun Mountain

Spiritual In Nature: Trees, Mountains & Cathedrals


I was talking to my sister yesterday about Dad’s paintings.  And, during the conversation, we started discussing his tree paintings.  That is, there are several John Stermer paintings that feature trees.  We agreed that trees were a favorite subject.

Color Dominance: Sandia Peak Juniper by John Stermer

Hmmm, Dad had a lot of church and cathedrals paintings too, my sister noted.

Then, we both thought a minute.  And, I recalled that Dad had what I can only describe as a spiritual feeling about Nature and trees in particular.   You could say they made him feel good or perhaps connected to something grand.

Spiritual In Nature: L'Ignina - Church

So, we have trees and churches with a spiritual-type of meaning.  

Then, how about mountains?  Yes, there was definitely a special, spiritual feeling about mountains.  They are somewhat like Nature’s cathedrals!  Come to think of it, so are tall, stately trees!  

Spiritual In Nature: A View of Leopold Vista

Maybe a bit of a stretch, but we liked the common thread.  Trees, mountains, and churches are all “cathedrals” in their own way.

In any case, while such feelings are deeply personal and hard to define, I thought it would be good to share with you a tree, a church and a mountain painting.  And, you can contemplate for your self how they make you feel.

And, we hope you enjoy the paintings!

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