Abigail Egge Ogas With Her Painting Self Portrait After Alice Neal

Abigail Egge-Ogas, John Stermer WNMU Scholarship Winner


Abigail Egge Ogas With Two Self Portraits

Meet artist Abigail Egge Ogas of Silver City NM.  She is the recipient of the John Stermer Western New Mexico University (WNMU) Scholarship for school year 2020-2021!  

Earlier this year, Abigail showed her work in a WNMU Expressive Arts Pop-Up Gallery in downtown Silver City as part of a “We All Build Narratives” themed student exhibition.

Abigail Egge Ogas with Bubble Self Portrait

We would like to share with you Ms. Egge-Ogas artist statement for a series of paintings that she has been creating.  

Artist Statement:

Abigail Egge-Ogas

Painting II

Self Portrait Series Using Contemporary Artists as Inspiration

My name is Abigail Egge-Ogas and I’m an art student at Western New Mexico University.  In my Painting Class II, I was assigned to work on self-portraits using inspiration from contemporary artists.  Professor Douglass wanted me to get out of my comfort zone and increase scale and experiment with color and paint.  I normally would do myself smiling like a snapshot photo, but my professor wanted me to try it without smiling because she wanted me to look at myself in a real and honest way.  After this initial portrait, I started looking at contemporary artists work to get inspiration.  The large close-up of my face I chose to do in the style of David Santiago.  The bubble face portrait was inspired by Chuck Close who makes large scale photorealist portraits.

My favorite painting out of this series is the seated portrait inspired by Alice Neel.  Alice Neel uses distortion of the figure and bright painterly expressionistic strokes to represent emotive quality to her paintings.  I used a scratching technique into the plants to make them have depth.

I love painting.

Congratulations Abigail! 

Abigail Egge-Ogas With Self Portrait After Alice Neal



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