Detail of head for John Stermer painting "The Cat" (title, working version)

Two Cats

Greetings!  Today’s post features two cats.  What makes them special?  Well, from time to time, I come across a John Stermer painting that I don’t remember seeing before.

The Cat: Detail of painting by John Stermer. One of two cats paintings of the same subject.

This is not so surprising as often Dad would sell painting directly from his studio.  Sometimes, the paintings were still wet. And, like many artists, John Stermer created more paintings than he ever displayed in shows or galleries.

In any case, one of my sister’s came across a cat painting that neither of us remember seeing before (see “The Cat” above).  It is in the collection of one of our nephews.

So, I am delighted to share it with you along with a different version of the same subject. 

As a side note, we often had cats in our household.  They tended to like to sit with Dad in the evening.

Black Cat: Painting by John Stermer 1973. One of two cats featuring the same subject.

I hope you enjoy the two paintings.  If you would like to see more works with animals, I invite you to check out this blog posting:  “Animals: A Sampling From John Stermer Artwork”.

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